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Dragon Group is a renowned and well established group in Bangladesh, which has operations in Spinning, Sweater manufacturing, Socks, Retail outlets , Real Estate and Insurance industry.

Dragon Group's
  success came in 1984 when it played a pioneering role in the sweater industry of Bangladesh by starting the first sweater project in Bangladesh with technical collaboration with China. Since than the group has implanted the seeds for the development of the sweater industry in Bangladesh and today Bangladesh exports nearly 1.5 Billion US Dollars of sweaters and the country employee's nearly a million people in the sweater industry.

Since than
Dragon Group  is a rising star in Bangladesh's corporate sector and is recognized locally and internationally as a world class company and as a committed and successful player in Bangladesh's expanding business sectors.

Dragon Group's immidiate furture plan is to set up Automatic Automobile Assembling Plant which will evidently lessen the burden of countries foreign exchange 
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